Summers Consulting Services is focusing on succession planning, strategic thinking projects, and generational issues that can help organizations build even stronger opportunities for the remaining months of 2015.  Fall is not only busy but colorful.fall

We are working with a group of consultants and the NC Center for Nonprofits on a Call Before You Dig Into a Search. 

To go along with this initiative, use this resource A Handful of Best Practices on Succession Planning  that some colleagues and I presented at the 2014 NC Center for Nonprofit Conference.

What does the fall hold for you and your co-workers when you think about the coming months?  How does your organization include diverse staff members in decision-making?  What are strategies you can put in place to adapt to the changing environment?

Summers Consulting Services is looking at these issues and working with other organizations to develop new strategies for planning, teambuilding, and decision-making.

Here are some other questions.

  • What are the challenges your organization is facing?
  • How will it be different in five years?
  • Specifically for nonprofits, what would you like to do differently in five years?
  • How are you preparing for leadership transitions and what are the challenges?
  • Are there new models for nonprofits? 

Please email if you have thoughts on these issues.

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